Exceeding in all 7 National Quality Standard Areas

Philosophy Statement

Statement of Philosophy

  1. Children are valued and respected as individuals with their own unique patterns of growth and development.
  2. A program which is based on play is fundamental in early childhood learning and is the medium by which children make sense of the world in which they live. Children are ‘competent and capable in their lifelong journey of learning’ (Building Waterfalls).
  3. Children are encouraged to be motivated, self-assured, develop their thinking skills and expand their knowledge base, so they will have the confidence to move onto the next stage of their education, enhancing their experience. This is facilitated through the provision and support of a stimulating environment.
  4. An Emergent curriculum in a flexible environment responds to the children’s interests, imagination and creativity and collaborates with the child. It consists of spontaneous moments, planning with the child, intentional teaching, reflection, questioning, implementing and evaluating.
  5. Independence and assertiveness are encouraged whilst being respectful and considerate to the needs of others. Qualities of respect, trust, honesty, integrity, compassion, courage and resilience are fostered. Children develop a sense of tolerance and understanding through open communication, cooperation, collaboration and negotiation.
  6. Literacy and numeracy are embedded in the curriculum, environment and resources.
  7. Family and community involvement at the Centre is welcomed and encouraged.
  8. We embrace, value and respect the social and cultural diversity of all our families. Respectful and thoughtful relationships with families and the community ensure all are treated with equity, dignity, justice and inclusion. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are respected and valued and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives are embedded in all elements of the program.
  9. Parents are the child’s first teachers. Collaboration with families and community enhances our program and sees us all – children, parents, teachers and community as co-participants, developing self-esteem and a sense of belonging in the Centre.
  10. Documentation in which the thinking of both children and adults is made visible, and which captures the children’s ‘languages’ of expression, is used to inform and reflect upon the program.
  11. The Centre promotes sustainable environmental practices.
  12. Nutritious food and physical activity are promoted, encouraged and practiced and lay the foundations for a healthy lifestyle.
  13. We are committed to the protection of the children and their safety and wellbeing.


Cairns Community Kindergarten respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land upon which this Centre is built. We acknowledge and pay our respect to all Elders past and present.