Exceeding in all 7 National Quality Standard Areas


The Early Years Learning Framework is an overarching document that provides educators in all Australian early childhood settings with broad direction for supporting and enhancing children’s learning.

C&K’s curriculum, Building Waterfalls has four shared understandings which are central to the framework.

The four shared understandings of Connecting, Enlarging, Listening and Exploring are the guiding assumptions that steer every interaction, negotiation and collaboration within the curriculum.

Building Waterfalls acknowledges the value and importance of play, and that children are competent and capable learners.

Adults play an important role in optimising and enhancing children’s living and learning experiences. International studies have proven that children learn and thrive in a warm, caring play-based environment that includes parents in the learning process.

Children’s learning is a collaborative process. Adults and children share responsibility for the learning process through interactions and negotiations. The physical and natural environment also plays a very important part in children’s learning.